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Risk minimization for energy efficiency projects

Did you know that there is a certification which proves that your energy efficiency projects were developed and monitored according to a standardized and transparent process to increase confidence in your calculated energy savings? In addition, by following the standardized protocols the expenditure for due diligence is reduced significantly.

You just need to obtain the IREE ™ Certificate (Investor Ready Energy Efficiency ™) powered by ICP (Investor Confidence Project).

What is ICP?

The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) provides a framework for energy efficiency project throughout all stages of a project lifecycle (development, monitoring and verification). This framework standardizes the verifiable projects into verifiable project classes in order to reduce transaction costs associated with technical underwriting, and increase reliability and consistency of energy savings. The ICP protocols and ICP System provide a comprehensive framework of elements that is flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of methods and resources that are specific to individual projects.

How can my company benefit from ICP?

ICP increases confidence in your energy efficiency project by ensuring that the project developer and a third party assessor are highly qualified and have received the ICP authorization. Therefore your project is double checked by experts in every single stage of your project to apply high standards and as quality assurance. Furthermore IREE ™ certified projects enhances the chance for better conditions for your loan and improves the attractiveness for a third party investor.

How to get an IREE ™certificate?

The method applied is very similar to energy performance contracting. Your energy efficiency project has to be developed together with a Project Developer (PD) and a Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA) listed in the ICP-System. The PD supports your company to meet the technical, financial and documentary requirements demanded by the ICP protocols. The QAA represents a third independent party, who reviews the project and ensures that the project was developed in compliance with the ICP demands. After completing the ICP-compliant project development, the energy efficiency projects receive the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency ™ certificate.

ERN is the first qualified Project Developer and a Quality Assurance Assessor for industrial projects in Germany

ERN is the first energy service provider to be able to develop energy efficiency projects in industry in accordance with the requirements of ICP. In addition, ERN has also qualified as a Quality Assurance Assessor, enabling it to qualify third party projects for ICP compliance.

Do you have any difficulties in reaching the calculated energy savings? Are you unsure if your calculated savings will really happen? Are you planning an energy efficiency project and you would like to get a highly qualified quality check? Our ERN specialists will be happy to help you evaluate and optimize your energy efficiency projects with confidence, achieving your planned energy savings.

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